Oxalis adenophylla. Кислица. Оксалис.

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Oxalis adenophylla. Кислица. Оксалис.

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Oxalis adenophylla. Кислица. Оксалис.
Поговорим именно об этой красавице Oxalis adenophylla.

И посмотрите куда забралась. Вы видите какие у нее "жесткие" условия произрастания. Впервые найденное в горах Чили и Аргентины.
Посмотрите эту запись ... здесь говориться о зонах 4-10... Shocked Подмосковье. Но я не рискну оставить малыша в грунте!

Color of Bloom: Pink
Mature Height: 3"
Months of Bloom: Early Summer
Hardy Zones: 4-10
Immediate Shipping, Bulb Size: 6/+ cm

Hard to find variety! Offers the most fascinating silvery foliage, with an exceptionally pretty form. With decidedly pleated leaves, Oxalis makes an excellent ground cover, in or out of bloom. Open-faced, five petalled flowers with white with violet-pink tips and tiny cranberry centers all but obscure the leaves when in full bloom. Found originally in the high peaks of Chile and Argentina, this sweet plant is cold hardy to zone 4 and still manages the truly toasty temperatures of zone 10 if given a little extra water. Longest lived in soil that drains well.

Пока я вынуждена дать информацию с этой страницы.

Author: Claude-Casimir Gillies 1832
Family: Oxalidaceae
Habitat: Chilli and Argentina
Soil: Mix
Water: Medium
Sun: Medium-Maximum
Thickness: 5 centimetres
Height: 10 centimetres
Flower: Pink
Reproduction: Seeds/Tubers
Pop names: Chilean Wood Sorrel, Silver Shamrock, Pink Carpet Oxalis, Pink Buttercups, Pink Sauerklee, Sandoxalis
Synonyms: Acetosella adenophylla, Kuntze 1891. Acetosella bustillosii, Kuntze 1891. Oxalis bustillosii Phil. 1856.
Got it from: Roskilde, Danmark
Year: 2004

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